Saturday, June 1, 2019

An Update in 15 Points

It's been a busy week...

  1. I started my summer gig.  It's fun and crazy and super busy but somehow I lucked out and got weekends off this year :)  
  2. On day one of the WSOP they were still setting everything up, a few days later there were over 5,000 people playing in only one event (that's busy!).  
  3. The weather has been unseasonably cool and rainy but we should hit 100 later this week.  
  4. Our apricots are blooming!  Yum!  
  5. We finally found the new living room set we have been looking for and got a great deal on it (no photo yet as it won't be delivered until later this week).
  6. I am trying to sell our old sofa so I am first listing it on Facebook Marketplace.  I have never used this before as everything I have sold online previously has been on Craigslist but FB is supposed to be the newest way to sell stuff so I thought I would give it a shot.
  7. I took our car to the dealership to get the oil changed yesterday (surprisingly it is the cheapest place in town to get an all synthetic-oil oil change) and was looking around at all of the new cars on the lot.  I can't believe that an "average" new car price is nearing $40,000!  I paid less than that for my first house!  Needless to say, we hope our current car will last for the next 20 years or so (at which time we will just Uber around during our old age).
  8. I think I got a homeless guy arrested today :(  There is a wash behind our house and we get the occasional homeless person who will go back there and take a nap during the day but when I looked out there this morning I saw a guy who looked like he was dead or something.  His bicycle was a couple hundred of feet down the wash from where he was, he looked relatively well dressed and clean cut, he was hanging practically upside down along the side of a wall, and he didn't change position over the course of a couple hours.  I yelled at him from our back yard but there was no response so I called 311 to have the police do a welfare check.  The police responded pretty quickly, got him up and talked with him for some time, then the next time I looked they were hauling him away in handcuffs!  Yikes!  Now I feel bad.  Unless he was wanted for serious warrants or something in which case I wouldn't feel that bad.
  9. Here's a big list of senior discounts.
  10. The Regal Summer Movie Express Program is offering $1 family movies all summer long!
  11. The internet is never short of fascinating websites.  I just came across one recently which is called "Forgotten Now Found" which offers fascinating stores of found things.
  12. I used to mostly read when I was online but these days I often fall down the rabbit-hole of YouTube and can watch more than a dozen videos in one day, hopping from topic to topic!
  13. Here's a great post about saving money on prescriptions.
  14. And CoolGuides has quite a lot of useful information.
  15. Of course when the internet gets to be too much, there is always Eyebleach.


  1. You may have saved his life or the life of someone else. You always have the most interesting and useful links.

  2. Oh my gosh, those apricots are amazing! And how lucky to have weekends off for the WSOP. So glad you got to work it again this year. Hubby and I watch YouTube on our Roku when there's nothing else to watch on TV. We find all kinds of interesting things. We even found old footage of Playland in Rye, NY where we went when we were younger. It was fun to watch and reminisce. We watch clips from old rock concerts too. I wouldn't worry about getting the guy arrested. The cops must have had good reason. Keep cool!

    1. We haven't tried Roku yet but it sounds like they might have more/different things than regular Netflix--we will definitely give it a try!

  3. Thank you for the shout out of my new blog....Forgotten Now Found!