Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Ya Win Some, You Lose Some

Yesterday I was really happy about my new cell phone.  I felt it was a great deal at $350 for a Galaxy S8 which is usually a $499 phone.  And then today when I hopped online I saw that Amazon had the Galaxy S9 phone on sale for the same price $350--for one of their Prime Day specials.  The S9 is, of course, a newer version of the S8 and it regularly sells for $599 so I had to stop and think...

Should I return the S8?  I would get my money back minus a $35 electronics restocking fee, and then I could buy the newer phone and technically "save" $65 when all the math was done.  Then there was the "cost" of restoring the S8, removing all of my data and files, packaging the phone up and driving back to Best Buy to return it then going online to buy the new phone, waiting for it to arrive, and spending even more time to set up the new phone.  But the new phone would hold its value a little longer because it was newer...needless to say these sorts of calculations kind of boggle my mind.

So I hopped back online to think about the sale and decide if a newer version of the phone would really make much difference (of course I needed to research everything to death).  Thinking it wouldn't kill me to make a bit of effort to save $65 I got back on Amazon and...the deal was gone!  So the decision was made for me I guess.  I'm done looking at cell phones for a while.  Now on to tablets...


  1. I would have gotten the newer one, too. I have a Galaxy S3 and am just fine with it and it only cost me $49.

    1. That's exactly how hubby feels. He doesn't like to change tech until it is literally dead dead but now he seems happy with a new phone! Wish I would have scooped up the S9 deal though!