Friday, August 23, 2019

An Update in 10 Points...Because It's Been a Long Week

I jut realized it's been more than a week since I posted here!  Anyway, it's been a busy week or's what's been happening...

  1. We got our tickets for Museum Day and decided on the National Atomic Testing Museum.  Total cost for Museum Day tickets--$0.  Regular cost for tickets--$44 for both of us.  Needless to say this is a great deal!
  2. Hubby's daughter is getting married here in Vegas. She's been with her boyfriend for 30 years (!) so while this isn't like a big first wedding, and while their only plan was just to come here and get married, everyone has been pretty wishy washy with actual plans.  Finally I made an executive decision, booked the wedding (package for limo, photos, flowers, minister, venue, etc was only $500) then booked the dinner for the group at a nice buffet (about $1500 for everyone) and told her we would pay for the whole thing ($2000 for an entire wedding seems like an extreme bargain to me). Everyone, including the bride and groom, is happy with the plan and even happier that hubby and I are picking up the tab.
  3. Oddly enough, after pulling the wedding stuff together yesterday and deciding we would just take the money out of our savings to pay for it, I watched this video on YouTube last night and focused my attention on somehow paying for this wedding without taking money out of savings if at all possible.  This morning a friend called and asked if I still built websites.  I said yes, kind of (I haven't been focusing on this as a business for some years but I still do small projects), she said a friend of hers needed a website built for his business and some social media stuff put together and he had plenty of money to pay (she didn't even ask for a discount for him).  If I want the project, I've got it.  So of course I agreed and am putting together a proposal and some demo work tonight for him.  Ca-ching!  I think the wedding will be easily paid off and I think this law of attraction stuff works! 
  4. I saw the new Galaxy Note 10 Plus and I love it!  Although I don't love the $1099 price tag.  Hopefully there will be some great deals later in the year, maybe around Black Friday.  I never pay retail for anything so I will have to wait and be patient for the price to come down quite a bit.
  5. I just found this website/app, Pluto TV, which allows you to watch TV for free on your computer, tablet, or cell phone.  There are commercials but there are so many channels with lots and lots of movies, sports, and TV shows to watch--it's pretty cool!
  6. Our president is deranged.  Who, in their right mind, thinks they can just buy Greenland???  And don't even get me started on the tariff war with China.
  7. You can get paid to binge-watch Friends.  I've never even watched one episode of the show (and pretty much completely missed the entire 1990s when it comes to TV and sitcoms) so I wouldn't be a good person to do this but maybe you would be interested.
  8. Entry to all National Parks is free this Sunday!
  9. I'm looking into other social media avenues.  Facebook is kind of meh (and totally invasive when it comes to privacy).  I haven't used Twitter in ages.  I do post pictures on Tumbler, and have this blog as well as a few others which I have been slacking off on updating but since I've been watching YouTube quite a bit lately, the idea of starting a YouTube channel is now a possibility.  Maybe.  I'm rather good at interviewing on TV (I've done it a few times in the past for news shows), I'm rather awful at video editing (I've tried it, I don't do it well).  But the lucrative aspect of it (you need LOTS of subscribers and people to watch your videos) is very much peaking my imagination!
  10. We had an earthquake yesterday!  Much like what happened a couple of months ago, I didn't actually feel the earthquake but I felt dizzy and nauseous for a few minutes then it passed.  I checked social media a few minutes later and sure enough, there had been an earthquake that quite a few people in our city felt!


  1. Very smart to take charge of the wedding - I am sure they appreciate it and likely they didn't want to make plans as simply didn't have the money to. $2000 for a wedding sounds pretty amazing to me - well done, even better is your plan to raise the funds for it. Yes, your president is deranged, sincerely hope he doesn't wreck the entire planet by the time his term is up

    1. Yep I think the money was the sticking point as everyone seems happy now. Now to figure out where to put all the guests!