Friday, November 1, 2019

10 Random Things for This Week

In no particular order...

  1. First, happy belated Halloween!  I hope you all had an enjoyable Halloween last evening.  We didn't do much, actually we didn't do anything at all for the holiday, since we didn't get home until late and had so few trick or treaters last year that we didn't bother this year.
  2. Don't forget to turn your clocks back on Saturday before you go to bed if you are in (most) places in the US and Canada.  Yeah--an extra hour of sleep!
  3. Our neighbors just quickly moved out yesterday.  We thought they had bought the house but it looks like they were renting since I saw the house listed for rent on Zillow when I checked it yesterday.  Shockingly the owner is listing the house for four times what our mortgage is!  I guess that shows how much housing prices have risen over the past eight years since we moved here.  On the other hand, I am pretty sure wages haven't increased 400% over the same amount of time.  Yikes.
  4. Something I just learned at the ripe old age of bra straps tend to fall down, like a lot.  I've lost count of how many bras I've given away because of this problem.  So I hopped online to figure out why this is happening and it said to tighten up the band/buy a smaller band size and larger cup size.  So I made the band as tight as it would go and no more problem!  Color me shocked that the fix could be this easy!
  5. The wedding is a week away.  What a freakin nightmare.  People who are part of the wedding have started inviting random friends who are in no way part of the wedding to the expensive (to us, anyway) dinner then the bride invited some last minute guests who will either be fine or cause a Jerry Springer-esque situation (I'm guessing it will be the latter unfortunately).  But it's her wedding...
  6. Meanwhile I've go a super busy weekend planned with cleaning and prepping food and getting everything ready for guests who will be coming and going for the next few weeks both for the wedding as well as people coming just for vacation.
  7. It's now November and while I won't be participating, there are a couple of cool November challenges happening including No-Spend November and NaNoWriMo.
  8. It seems like the whole of California is on fire.  Every day there are reports of new wildfires and millions of people have had to evacuate.  Hopefully if any of you are in California, you are staying safe!  I can't imagine having to run through the flames to evacuate a wildfire at the last minute like they keep showing repeatedly on the news.  Scary!
  9. Another scary sign of the times...Walmart started their Christmas sales last week!  Pretty soon Christmas creep will start around the 4th of July...ayayay
  10. Finally, I saw a guy die today.  At least I think he is dead, if not, he will be very lucky to survive.  Hubby was bowling with his team today and a few lanes over a guy got up to bowl and before he could throw his ball, he keeled over.  He was unresponsive, a security guy was there so he jumped in to do CPR, the paramedics eventually showed up and took over but after many minutes, they were still doing CPR when they hauled him out on a gurney.  Needless to say the mostly senior group were pretty rattled afterwards.  Life is so fleeting...

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  1. Interesting items! Christmas already? Sometimes, I wonder what percentage of California burned last year and this. I, too, am horrified by the scenes of people driving through the fire.