Saturday, November 23, 2019

Back to Normal!

The rest of our guests left yesterday so as of today, we are back to "normal"!  I headed out on a 10k walk with my walking club this morning around a pretty park in Las Vegas and hubby went and played poker in peace without having to worry about meeting up with people/picking up or dropping off people/cooking for people/etc.  It's been quite the busy month! 

Now that hubby's surgery sites have healed up, the wedding is done, and the remaining guests who stayed an extra couple weeks after the wedding have all returned home, we are looking forward to a very quiet Thanksgiving with just the hubby and I (something we started a few years ago and really enjoy compared to the hustle and bustle of cooking for a huge group of people...we will do Christmas for everyone but Thanksgiving will be simple and peaceful).

Among the events of the past couple weeks...

  • We have eaten out SO MUCH because everyone wants to try all of the fabulous restaurants in Las Vegas but now I feel like a stuffed turkey and hubby's blood pressure shot up so we will get back on track with at-home, mostly vegan meals which are way healthier than restaurant food.
  • One of our guests forgot her insulin at home when she came to visit.  Talk about a mad scramble!  A visit to the ER would have been very expensive, ditto a visit to urgent care (did you know that ONE Lantus insulin pen costs nearly $500??? Yikes).  Community clinics don't carry insulin (they said go to the ER), so she spent nearly $70 to have her insulin FedExed to her overnight.
  • The same guest, who happens to be in pretty poor health, fell twice while she was here.  She is elderly and ill and not at all steady on her feet and she was walking ahead of us and tumbled right down the stairs.  Fortunately nothing was broken, unfortunately the poor lady was black and blue from head to toe (blood thinners will do that to you) and she looked like she went a few rounds with Mike Tyson!  This is the first vacation she has had in years so she was still happy to have got to visit and see some of the relatives she hadn't seen in ages. 
  • The SIL played in a big bingo tournament and won $17,000!  I've never won that much in my life and she was only marginally excited about her win but if I won that much I would be doing cartwheels or something!
  • The weather her has been wonderful and it is the end of November.  When our guests were heading back home to the cold and snow, I was extra thankful that we live in a sunny, and generally warm, place.
  • I'm still marveling at the fact that while I have only worked about six weeks of this entire year, money still seems to "show up" when I need it so I can pay all of my bills; it's quite amazing actually.  I will refocus on either getting a job or starting some sort of business in the new year.
  • Finally, a couple things that seemed like big (financial) deals turned out to be minimal things.  I thought I might have needed another crown when I went to the dentist a few days ago but he said my teeth are fine, I just need a cleaning so that was wonderful, then hubby's van had some sort of binging oil light go off which according to Google might have been something major but turned out to be a simple sensor replacement--yippee!

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  1. can go to the ER and get the shot I need. But, all turned out well for her, minus the tumble. A ten mile walk would kill It all sounds like fun for you and your family.