Monday, January 27, 2020

A Quick Random Update

It's been pretty quiet around here so this is just a quick random update...

  • Sunsets in the desert are amazing as usual (see above!).
  • Social media can be truly awful, whether it is spreading completely untrue information about the coronavirus (so much bad info on social media that could literally kill someone! Yikes!) to, I am assuming, notifying Kobe Bryant's wife that her husband and child were killed in a helicopter crash (I'm guessing she got a social media push notification about the crash before the police could even make a notification because TMZ broke the story immediately after the crash terrible!).
  • Hubby has finally decided to part with his van.  It is nearly 20 years old, he has had it since it was new, and right now it is sitting in the driveway with a busted head gasket.  It would be $2500 to fix what is wrong with it but it has been problem after problem with it so he finally said to sell it.  I will put it on Craigslist later today and hope he gets a little money out of it.
  • I am currently waiting to: file our taxes (we need a couple of more 1099s which should come in the mail this week), apply for my summer gig at WSOP (they have already posted for dealer and supervisor jobs so my job classification should be posted soon), send another box of stuff to family in the Philippines (there is still a little room in the box which we will finish filling up after this week's trip to the Goodwill), stop doing websites all together (I don't know how to break it to my few remaining clients but I have neither the skill nor desire to learn how to make the sites ADA compliant but it seems the lawsuits are flying these days if sites aren't compliant so I need out of the business all together!).
  • Hubby's birthday is next week (big 71!) but it will be a pretty low-key birthday.  I will bring a Costco cake to bowling and he can celebrate with his bowling buddies.
That's about all that is happening around's been nice and quiet, just the way I like it :)


  1. To bad about the lawsuits. Is there any way to find out how to make the sites ADA compliant?

    1. The ADA doesnt have guidelines to make the sites compliant so it is anyone's guess. People can still be sued and have to defend any steps they took towards compliance but without firm guidance, I don't want to set my small business friends up for a lawsuit!

  2. Wow! That's the first I've heard about the ADA compliance issue. What's next? Yikes! Love your sunset photo!

    1. Yep either life seems to be getting more and more complicated or I'm just too old and cranky to put up with stuff :)