Saturday, March 21, 2020

10 Things From Today

In no particular order...

  1. I made banana bread today.  Hubby even helped me bake which tells you hubby is bored silly!
  2. We went for a two mile walk and went over by a strip mall.  Target was open as was World Market, GNC, Dollar Store, PetCo, Big Lots, and several other stores.  There were people everywhere and they didn't seem to be worried to be near each other  :/
  3. We STILL aren't going into any stores or getting close to anyone even when we are walking.  I don't want people to catch my germs and I certainly don't want to catch theirs.
  4. Hubby likes to watch Pluto TV on his cell phone (it's a free app for free TV), he particularly likes the poker channel so when I showed him how to mirror his phone on our big TV he was quite happy not to have to squint to watch his poker shows.
  5. FYI--income tax filing has been moved from April 15th to July 15th so hopefully that helps some people out.
  6. Did you know that national parks are free during the coronavirus outbreak?
  7. Our utility bills--gas, water, electricity, etc--are going to be high.  With us staying home 24/7 we are using a lot more utilities than we usually do.
  8. Our DMV put out a notice that it will extend the expiration dates on our licenses, car registrations, etc.  Thank goodness, my license is going to expire in a few weeks!
  9. The census is also going to be delayed for a couple of weeks.  I already filled out our census online but I didn't know how the people who go door-to-door to collect census information were going to fair during the pandemic.
  10. We had shrimp tacos for dinner last night (with not much to do, cooking and baking has kind of become our entertainment!)

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