Monday, March 2, 2020

I Can Confirm That the Shelves Are Bare...Kind Of

Hubby and I stopped by Walmart today when we were out and about just to see if people were really panic buying like we saw on the news.  Turns out that the answer is yes, yes they are...

That last picture was of the bottled water section that was pretty much empty.  But again, this is Walmart and many of their sections are pretty sparse looking even on a good day.  On the other hand, we also stopped by our local Albertsons and all seemed to be well (I asked the checker why they weren't sold out of everything and she said her manager had been in the business for years and knew what happened when people started panic buying stuff so he put in double orders for the past couple week just to have enough stock on manager!).


  1. Thanks for showing these photos. Our store was sorta bare. Especially in the rice section! Stay safe.

    1. Thanks! I hope you are safe too. Hopefully calm and restocked stores will return soon!