Thursday, March 26, 2020

We Ventured Out Today

It's been more than a week since we left our house so this morning we decided to venture out.  Our first stop was to deliver some banana bread to an elderly cousin who lives alone.  I left it in a bag hanging on her door and texted her to go out and get it so we wouldn't pass on any germs we may have (although I think my head cold issue is allergies since I took an allergy pill before we left the house and all of my symptoms went away...I just didn't want to look infectious in public!).

Then we drove by Baskin Robbins just to see if they were open and they were!  I guess ice cream is an essential service so I picked up a Blast.  They had taken all of the seating out so it was take-away only.  There was no one else in the store and I used my card to buy the drink so there was no exchange of germs (color me paranoid now!).  This is actually a full-sized drink but it looks weirdly small from the angle I photographed it.

Our next stop was Walmart but it looked like a whole lot of people going in and out of the store so we skipped it and went next door to Sam's Club which was amazingly empty of people.  We had never seen so few people at this Sam's Club so it was a really nice shopping experience.  They had plenty of water and plenty of bleach, no toilet paper, no hand sanitizer, and no rice but they had industrial-strength sanitizer which you add to water in a spray bottle so we got a bottle of this (it makes 128 gallons so it should last the rest of our lifetimes, plus this is better than hubby tracking bleach water everywhere!). 

There was an odd mix of people, most wore no mask or gloves (hubby and I just sanitized our hands before and after going into the store and tried not to touch our faces), some wore masks, some wrapped scarves around their faces, some wore rubber gloves, and a few were trying to steer their carts with their elbows so they wouldn't actually touch the cart; everyone looked like they were trying to keep their distance from other people.  Then we went to the Asian store and nearly everyone was wearing masks and again, there weren't that many people there.  We picked up a few things but they didn't have rice, the lady said you had to get there early in the morning and they give people a ticket to buy one bag of rice each.  Fortunately we still have plenty of rice so that isn't an issue yet.  In both stores I asked why they weren't very busy and both said that the past few weeks they had been swamped but this week it had really slowed down.

On a side note, of the people I saw wearing masks, many were not wearing them correctly.  The mask must cover both your nose and mouth, not just your mouth, and be stuck to your face as tightly as possible to be effective.  Also, don't touch the mask then touch your face!


  1. I have been craving ice cream! We have a coupon for a place in town. I was thinking we might go soon as it's been in the upper 80s the last few days.

    1. We picked some up and there were very few choices. Ditto cookies and other junk food. Guess I know what is important in a disaster!