Sunday, April 5, 2020

A New Recipe, a Scramble for Prescriptions, and a Few Other Things

Last night we had a beautiful sunset, complete with lenticular clouds!

Also, last night, I made chicken tortilla soup and it was amazingly good!  I generally suck at making soups, it usually turns out watery and tasteless, but this recipe was perfect!  Hubby even had two bowls so it must have been good.  I only made half of this recipe since it looked like the recipe would make a lot of soup, and we had enough leftovers for lunch today and to freeze a couple of servings too.  The only thing I changed about this recipe was to add a little mixture of corn starch and water to make the soup a bit thicker.  It was yummy!

Our military base has sent a lot of people into a mad scramble to get their prescriptions refilled.  The base commander has decided to shut the base down to everyone except mission essential personnel (a good thing in light of the coronavirus) but this also means retirees can't access the base pharmacy where they get all of their necessary prescriptions for free (a bad thing).  This leaves a whole bunch of elderly veterans who rely on this important free service (including hubby) to figure out how to get their prescriptions filled and all available options will cost anywhere from $10 to $60 per prescription.  The notice said the pharmacy will be closed starting next Saturday so I will park myself at the pharmacy sometime this week to get hubby's prescriptions refilled, then we will figure out what to do after that.

For techies out there, Folding@Home looks like an interesting project which allows you to donate computing power which can be used by researchers to find a cure/vaccine for the coronavirus.

If you are an immigrant or if you live outside of the US and you have relatives who have immigrated to the US, this article gave a brilliant explanation about what life, and money, is like in the US.  Hubby has lots of relatives in the Philippines and they all think we are just swimming in money.  One grandson asked if we could pay for him to come to the US for university, which would cost around $100k, and relatives are continually asking for us to send them things like the new iPhone 11 Pro Max or the new iPad Pro.  I can't even afford one of these $1000+ tech items for myself!

I am fascinated with the Zero Waste movement.  We are making little changes to reduce our waste (like using reusable plastic containers for leftovers instead of disposable plastic wrap, or taking our beverages in reusable containers, etc) and as soon as the market cools off, we are definitely going to give a bidet a try!

Happy Palm Sunday and stay safe and healthy!


  1. I read the whole article. My "friend" from Romania wants to find a woman to marry so he can stay here. He has lived here long enough to know he does need a wealthy woman. I wonder what happened with his last two wives. He always seems to think other men can invest in his life with loans.

    1. Yikes! I used to do immigration work and literally nothing surprises me in that respect!