Saturday, April 18, 2020

Adding Structure to My Day

We are more than a month into quarantine and a week or so ago, I was feeling pretty out of sorts.  With nothing pressing to do, no appointments, no reason to do much of anything, we spent a couple of days binge-watching Netflix and YouTube and  then I realized we need some sort of structure to our day our we would eventually end up permanent lumps on the couch!  So I made a list of things I need to do every day and so far, so good.  I do each of these tasks every day and our days seem more organized and "fuller" now!  Even though the list looks long, most of these things take less than a minute to complete.  Here's my list:

  1. Check blood pressure (I record this daily)
  2. Daily Word ( read Today's Word everyday, it is positive and uplifting)
  3. Lemon water (better to drink than coffee!)
  4. Breathing (10 deep breathes...breathe in, hold, release)
  5. Handstand (I hold a handstand for 10 seconds)
  6. Arms (3 pound arm weights, 5 sets, 10 reps)
  7. Jumping jacks (10, I might up this to 20 soon)
  8. Squats (10, ditto)
  9. Push ups (10, ditto)
  10. Sit ups (10, ditto)
  11. Yoga (10 poses)
  12. Stretch (basic stretches, takes about a minute total)
  13. Meditate (I sit and meditate for a couple of minutes, my mind wanders if I go longer than that)
  14. Sing a song
  15. Dance (I dance to one rap song and it seems to "shake out" by stiff body!)
  16. Watch one LOA video (my favorite videos are from Your Youniverese)
  17. Clean house (depending on what's needed it could be a full house clean or sweeping the floor)
  18. Laundry (if laundry needs to be done I will do one load, if not I skip this)
  19. Weed yard (I walk through the yard each day and pull any weeds I see)
  20. Walk (hubby and I walk about two miles each day)
  21. Shop list (I keep a list of things we need and update it daily)
  22. Shop (if we need to buy stuff we will either walk to a store, drive to a store, or order online)
  23. Check mail (I check the mail every few days since we don't get much mail anyway)
  24. Check all accounts (I check our bank accounts every day to make sure all if right there)
  25. Pay bill (I check to see if any bills need to be paid and pay them if needed)
  26. Vegan breakfast (I cook a healthy breakfast every day, mostly vegan)
  27. Vitamin (I take one Centrum multi vitamin each day)
  28. Vegan lunch (we cook one lunch, most vegan, each day)
  29. Vegan dinner (ditto)
  30. All email (I quickly check all of my email accounts with the MyMail app)
  31. All blogs (I post in this blog every day, and post weekly in my other blogs)
  32. All websites (I check all of my websites and make updates if needed)
  33. All social media (I check social media daily and post if I have anything interesting to post)
  34. Language (I want to bush up on my Spanish so I do these flashcards daily)
  35. Write (I try to write a couple thousand words each day on a fiction book I am writing)
  36. Text O (my friend in quarantined alone so I make sure and text with her every day)
  37. Call someone (we have been calling one friend or family member each day)
  38. Floss (sometimes I forget to do this so with my checklist, I don't forget to do this each night)
  39. TED Talk (I watch one TED Talk a day)
  40. Do pedicure (my feet are super dry so I pumice them and oil them every day...they are super smooth now!)
  41. Read (I read every evening; thanks to our wonderful library with free ebooks!)
  42. Gratitude journal (at the end of the day I write down 10 things I am grateful for)
  43. Be fashionable (this reminds me to not look like a total schlub all day!)
  44. Good attitude all day (another good reminder!)
  45. Affirmations in the mirror (I say my affirmations once or twice a day in the mirror)
  46. Comment on a blog post (I read everyone's blogs but never comment so now I am making a point to comment on at least one blog post each day)
  47. Write 10 biggest goals (writing down your goals is supposed to be a good thing so I do this daily)
  48. Watch skill video (I watch a video on YouTube each day that teaches me something; today was how to make pickles)
  49. Do puzzle (I do an online crossword puzzle each day to keep my brain sharp)
  50. Do visualization exercise (this is part of LOA and seems to work!)
Needless to say, my days are no longer boring and I feel like I am incrementally improving myself at the same time!


  1. That is a good list. I probably do that many things each day. I wonder. However, I do floss about a dozen times each day.

    1. LOL my dentist *wishes* I would floss several times a day!

  2. This is great! I try & do a "positive flywheel". Every day, I aim to do the following:
    -Work out
    -List one item on eBay
    -Do one chore (inside or outside) that I wouldn't do if we weren't stuck at home
    -Microsoft Rewards

    Like you, I find it fun to have more structure

    1. I think selling something on ebay every day is a great idea, I may need to add that to my list!