Sunday, May 17, 2020

A Fabulous Sunday!

It's been a good Sunday...

  • I took an early morning walk before it got hot outside--and I was surprised to see that there were A LOT of people walking at 7am!
  • I got my haircut at an actual salon for the first time in more than three months.
  • Then I colored my own hair (it costs $6 to do this instead of the $100+ cost at a salon).
  • We did a Facebook messenger video chat with the family.
  • Finally, it sounds like I will be eligible for unemployment through the CARES/PUA program since my temp summer job was cancelled.  This would be a nice chunk of change!
I hope you are all having a very nice weekend!


  1. I have to let my bad haircut grow out to have it cut at a salon.

    1. LOL the lady that cut my hair pointed out a couple places that need to grow out on my hair before that section can be cut. Yikes!

  2. Were there extra precautions at your hair salon? Ours open this week, not sure what to expect, not getting a cut for a while though yet.

    1. The staff had to wear masks but the customers didnt. They made people waiting to go in and get their hair done wait outside until they were ready to take them back to their station. A bit different but not much.