Saturday, May 9, 2020

A Trip Down The Strip

Today was "opening day" in our city.  This means that people can now eat in restaurants and retail stores can be open so we headed out to see what was happening in our city and...were kind of disappointed.  Our first stop was the Welcome to Las Vegas sign which was so crowded with people that we skipped it all together (no social distancing there at all!).  We swung by Ross store which was closed, then I called TJ Maxx and Kipling which were also closed so I guess retail wasn't really open for some reason. 

The Strip was pretty quiet except for people like us, driving and taking photos of how quiet it was.

There was a lot of road work going on which was good, hopefully it all gets done before the city officially reopens!

And there were so many bicyclists on The Strip which we have never seen before (on a normal day, you would take your life in your hands riding with all of the usual traffic on The Strip!).

Then we checked out the downtown Fremont area which was quiet as a tomb.  We even left the car in the middle of the road to take this picture (usually this road is jam packed with tourists and vehicles).

I guess the opening will go slowly which is fine with us.  I'm more worried about people getting back to work than being able to shop (although I would like to go to the Goodwill soon, all of my clothes are so old!).  Other people reported hours-long lines at hair salons and we saw lines outside of one grocery store so maybe everyone wanted to go grocery shopping today?   Anyway, it was nice to go out and do something different today.


  1. It will be interesting to see how they open Vegas, I am sure slowly to try and be as safe as possible. Owners don't want their staff getting sick or getting their customers sick either. A lot of our restaurants are reopening to take out and delivery which has been allowed from the start but some just shut voluntarily. I guess they are making decisions now for long-term

    1. I think there are several casinos around the country opening this week. I'm sure Vegas will watch and see what happens with them to inform their decision about opening up here. It will definitely be strange around here for a while since Vegas is the epitome of not social distancing.