Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Yet Another Day in Quarantine

Much like the "five stages of grief" there seems to be a process to go through when everything in your life is turned upside down.  Yesterday was equal parts stress and boredom and today I am really really craving a half dozen of our favorite restaurants which are currently closed (dim sum, Indian, Mexican, Italian, and I've even been thinking about an Ethiopian place we had went to a couple times).  To deal with stress, I listened to this YouTube video for nearly two hours.  Then I saw this survey 'how many deserts have you tried?' and got a bunch of ideas for things to bake in the future (note, I've tried ALL of these!).  I like to check in to these webcams and check out places all over the world (sadly most places are devoid of people).  And of course I still do at least one crossword puzzle every day.

I think our city will try to open up soon (I'd be happy if even the Goodwill and Ross opened up!) but there are a lot of people wondering if Las Vegas will even survive as a city. eeeekkk  On a happy note, we are making posters today for a "drive by parade" for my friend's birthday tomorrow.


  1. I worked a puzzle from the site today. It was fun. I am only anxious to have one store open--Belk's.

    1. I love that puzzle site and always do at least one puzzle a day!