Wednesday, August 12, 2020

A Quick Update

My last post was about bloggers disappearing and here I just noticed it has been nearly two weeks and I haven't posted anything!  Mostly because nothing is really happening and we are still in the covid holding pattern.  We do our grocery shopping, hubby bowls once or twice a week, and he plays poker once a week (see photo above, they are now playing in their own little plexiglass cubicles at the poker table!).  Still no walking for me--it's supposed to be 113 degrees this weekend!  And no unemployment for me either (right before a hearing when the unemployment department was supposed to tell the judge how much headway they have been making on their backlogged claims, the department issued mass denials to nearly everyone, me included--great way to clear out the backlog right?).  It seems like we have been doing nothing for months on end and I hate being unproductive!  I may become so bored I start painting the house or something.  On another note, here are a couple of good links about making money and gardening.


  1. Thanks for that picture. Some things are just unimaginable. So, is there a chance you will get unemployment or is it all settled?

    1. No idea. I signed up to appeal it as did many thousands of other people. I will remain hopeful (and thankful, so many other people are in desperate need of this money and they have been waiting more than five months for it!).