Monday, September 28, 2020

Another Quick Update

 Still not much happening around here but just a quick catch up...

  • First of all, it is way too early to even start thinking about Christmas but apparently retailers don't feel the same way.  In every major store we go to (this is Costco), they have Christmas stuff out.  What about Halloween?  What about Thanksgiving?  ayayay  

  • And of course it is still smoky here in Las Vegas.  California still has a lot of wildfires going on so the smoke rolls over this way.  Did I mention it has been nearly 160 days and we haven't had a single drop of rain?  Another ayayay  

  • But that hasn't stopped the pools in Las Vegas from being open.  

  • We are still stockpiling things in case there is another shutdown this fall/winter.  It may be a bad flu season along with the pandemic so we never know what could happen.  We are generally pretty well stocked up on food and supplies anyway but every time we go to a store we add a little extra to our basket "just in case".
  • Five things I've decided I don't like since the pandemic: being around a lot of people (I'd so much rather stay home than go out anywhere), politics (this political season is the worst in my memory!), going to restaurants (for some reason the service and food seem pretty bad and the prices have increased...I'd rather cook at home!), wearing clothes (I mean, I do wear clothes but seldom "dress up"...I think I have gone to DefCon 4 of laziness!), and spending money (I go into stores or look at deals online and still can't find a single thing I want to buy).  I wonder if these changes will be permanent?


  1. Stores I went into have Christmas and Halloween well stocked and some of Thanksgiving. It is too early for this much Christmas! 160 days is a long time without rain! And, smoky outdoors, poor people. I pick up a lot more each month as sales happen. Only I go into stores, and we will not go into a restaurant. I wear a nightgown some days because my few indoor clothing is dirty. I have a new serger since mine is gone. I intend to make a pair of black going out pants first, then indoor or yard clothes next. Warm nightgowns are going to be made, too. Being home is no hardship. I cannot find anything at the few stores I go to and the things I have ordered don't fit or suit me. I will stay home as long as it takes with no problem.

    1. Oh I hope you will post photos of the things you sew! I always admire people who can create actually clothes that fit out of fabric, it's like magic!

  2. Reporting in from California, definitely more smoke. :-(

    I'm with you on not being around crowds (was never my thing, but is so much worse now) & politics. I'm trying as hard as possible to filter it out. And, agree on both the clothes & restaurants. I understand why the prices have increased (they are frantically trying to stay in business during a pandemic), but it's just making it more challenging, and we've also experienced food quality going down. For clothes, I'm often wearing a work top with jean shorts on the bottom, because no one can see. ;-)

    1. I too have noticed food quality, especially produce, being worse than before. I thought it was just me so it's good to know other people are noticing this as well. My Zoom meetings are the same--dressy on top, pajamas on bottom!