Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Happy Veteran's Day!

Veteran's Day usually involves a parade and meeting up with friends for the free veteran's buffet at a local casino but because of covid, neither of these things are happening today.  However, there are a lot of freebies for veterans today so hubby ran out and picked up a free sandwich and fries at Famous Daves and a free pizza and drink at Little Caesars and this was our lunch!  It's really nice that so many places give freebies to veterans (hubby was in the Navy for 22 years) and while there are plenty of things we could go out and get today, I think the only other thing we are going to do is get a coupon for a free haircut at Great Clips this afternoon.  If you or someone you know is a veteran, find lots of freebies here, here, and here.

And to those who have served, thank you for your service!!!


  1. Thanks to your husband for his service. I have a friend who was in army for many years. Every year, I call him and tell him where the freebies are. I decided that this year he could find them himself! That looks like a nice lunch with leftover pizza, maybe.

    1. It seemed like a long haul when he was in the military but we are both thankful he stayed in long enough to retire--the benefits for retirees are pretty good!

  2. Thanks to your husband (and you) for his service!