Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Merry Blogmas Day 29 The Do Nothing Day

Today, in a wind-down to the end of the year, I didn't do much of anything.  I went for a walk, cleaned the house, talked a friend into visiting her son for a bit longer (she is elderly and her son is trying to get her to move in with him by trying out a few month stay...she has been at his place for a few weeks and wants to get back to her own house NOW.  So she will stay for a couple more weeks unless she really can't stand it and runs away from his home. Yikes.).  Also, biggest of big news, I got a lump sum payment for the pandemic unemployment I applied for back in April.  Our goal for the coming year is to get the house paid off (it would be a miracle) or significantly paid down (more likely) so this money will go a little ways towards this goal.  Overall a nice, relaxing, sunny, enjoyable day today!


  1. Maybe if your friend had things at his house that were from her house, it would seem more like home. Great about your lump sum payment. Considering you both will get a stimulus, you could pay even more. Maybe.