Saturday, January 2, 2021

It Was a Great Day for a 10k!

It was a nice day to do a 10k with my walking group.  The weather was perfectly sunny and the people who joined our walk were, as usual, amazing to chat with (one lady had climbed Mt Kilimanjaro and did a race across Africa!).  I definitely need to start walking more as I could feel each and every one of the Seven Hills (the area we walked today) in my legs.  And for something interesting...I knew very few of these surprising features on common things that we use every day.


  1. Wow, 10K is a serious walk. I have put on so much weight, I have to start doing something to get myself moving again.

    1. My walking group is part of the AVA ( and they have groups all over the country, maybe even in your area! It's always a fun time with them.

  2. What a pretty walking area. Well done on the 10k.