Thursday, April 29, 2021

A Quick Update

We are coasting into summer now, I can't believe it's May already, it seems like it was just January!  Here's what's been going on here...

  • I applied for the job!  Who knows if I will get it as I'm sure a lot of people will apply too so I decided to not worry about it and if I get the job I will be happy but if I don't get it that would be OK too.
  • I think I would like to have a Maine coon cat--they are so huge!  Here are a whole bunch of interesting, huge things.
  • Hubby had a minor surgery this week and I got to watch.  On the one hand, it was interesting to watch, on the other hand I'm pretty glad I didn't go to med school!
  • Here is an interesting scholarship for trade school students.  It closes soon but it looks like a great opportunity!
  • Speaking of students, this blog post had a great list of educational links you might find useful.
  • One of the grandsons is severely autistic.  As most autistics kids do, he gets super into a wide range of things.  Last time he came to visit it was elevators (we took him to ride elevators around the city and he somehow knew everything about them!).  He has learned several musical instruments, went through a cowboy phase, and now he likes to do online typing tests (like many many typing tests each day, apparently he types really fast now).  I hadn't really heard of online typing tests but I checked it out and it is kind of a fun and interesting thing to do (I do this one occasionally but sadly my speed doesn't increase very much!).
  • On the shopping front, I can't believe how much inventory is missing from nearly every store we go to.  I guess the lack of inventory is hitting almost all industries now--from cars to home building supplies to Walmart and most other stores.  Bummer.
  • Finally, if you live on the west coast, here is a new airline with really cheap introductory fares.

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