Friday, April 23, 2021

Our Summer Starts Tomorrow!

Hubby finished with his last bowling league today and because there is a national bowling tournament that will take place all summer here in Las Vegas, he won't have any league bowling until the fall so technically we have four months free this year!  My goals for this summer include...

  • walking everyday.  Hubby can't walk very far because he has a bad back but even short walks will give him a bit of exercise.  I hope to do longer walks myself (maybe walk a bit then park him in a poker room while I walk further...I got on the scale yesterday for the first time in months and nearly passed out from shock!  Needless to say I should be walking 20 miles a day because I need to lose some weight!  eeekkk).
  • be 100% whole food plant based vegan for the next 130 days (basically now until August 31).  See eeekkk comment above, I need to get healthy!
  • plan an interesting activity a couple times a week for us.  There are several museums we haven't been to in ages, several parks we want to check out, and some home improvement projects we want to tackle this summer.  Our goal is to make the most of our free time this summer.
  • decide if I want to take a job offer.  Edit: I'm not sure how much I can say about this job online (since I haven't worked for nearly a decade I have no idea how social media policies go these days) and I have no idea if I will even get the job, but it was nice that a few people called me and said "apply for this job!!!" in an industry I used to do contract work for.  More info to follow if I end up employed again!
  • finally, I want to make an effort to greatly limit my participation in social media for the summer.  I've already deleted Twitter and Instagram, but I spend too much time on Facebook and Reddit, mostly arguing politics with strangers on the internet which is very stress-inducing and a great waste of my time in general.  Actually I want to find a way to cut back on all media because it is so depressing and manipulative that opting out seems the best option right now!


  1. Social media- I totally get that! I used it for my blog though- and Facebook more locally for the Marketplace and buying and selling of stuff.But yes, it can use alot of your time for sure...and find that with Instagram it's so much of comparing what one has to another.

    1. I do love FB marketplace, it seems to be much better than Craigslist these days which is why I dont get rid of FB all together.