Sunday, June 27, 2021

A Quick Update

Not much happening around here lately except hibernating inside to stay away from the sun!  We still have beautiful sunsets...

...and cool cloud formations.

My puzzle is coming along nicely...

 ...and while it is hot as usual here, I am really concerned about friends and family in the Pacific Northwest as they are getting hit by a heat wave which most people (my friends included) were not prepared for.

Las Vegas is getting back to normal.  Last night there was a free concert in the downtown Fremont area which we saw via YouTube (no way do we want to be squeezed in with all those people!).  Next weekend should be even more crazier as it will be the 4th of July.

Tomorrow we may venture out and check out the new Resorts World Casino which just opened a few days ago.  Again, we got a quick overview of it from a local YouTuber.

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!


  1. That is an interesting puzzle. I worry about fires being started over the 4th out west.

    1. Me too--I sincerely hope our neighbors don't burn down the neighborhood with their illegal fireworks this weekend!

  2. Your puzzle is really coming along...good for you.
    Your cloud pictures have been very nice- my mom used to have us take pictures of clouds actually when we would travel- if we saw unusual ones.
    Even though we are in northern Saskatchewan the heat is getting here too- mind you not as bad as there and what we have seen on the news.. but hotter than what most northerners care for.
    We have been to Vegas about 5 times- have reviewed shows, etc on my site- love the place.. well most of it- some areas are "sketchy" with most I would imagine.

    1. I feel sorry for our friends in Canada who have never experienced such high heat and aren't prepared for it. At least in Vegas everything is air conditioned but most of our friends are getting by with one small window air conditioner! Yikes!