Friday, August 20, 2021

Wow It's Been a While

I guess time flies when not much is happening!  I didn't even realize it's been two weeks since I last posted here but not much has been going on lately...

  • We are still getting interesting sunsets (mostly due to the massive amount of smoke heading our way from the California wildfires).
  • I told you about getting new tires then getting a nail in one of the tires only a couple of days later.  Well, a couple days after we had our new windshield installed (it was hit by a rock when hubby was driving and made a clean break through half the windshield), we were driving down the freeway and it was hit by another rock leaving a small gash in the windshield.  Ugh  Fortunately the company that put the windshield in had a warranty and they were able to fix the ding for free so that was a nice outcome.
  • Next Wednesday (August 25th) is a free entry day to the National Parks.
  • Also, September 18 is free entry day to many museums for the Smithsonian's Museum Day.  You can get free tickets here.
  • I ordered a new tablet more than a month ago and the delivery date is still getting pushed back.  It was supposed to arrive last week and now it is listed for arrival in mid-September!  This supply chain mess is awful!

That's pretty much it for this week besides covid and more covid.  We just try to avoid people as much as possible and mask up when we are out and about! 

One side note, we picked up a friend from the airport and brought her to where she left her car when she went on vacation and when she got ready to leave, her car battery was dead.  We were able to easily jump her car with a little jumper battery we got a while back.  The jumper was so small we didn't even know if it would work but it worked flawlessly so it was definitely a good purchase and much easier than using jumper cables!


  1. Wow! That jumper is so small, about the size of a pack of menthol cigarettes. We paid the same price for one with a plastic suitcase.

    1. We had a bigger one before too but when I saw this I thought it would take up much less space so we got it not knowing if it would really work. We were happy that it actually worked even though it was so small!

  2. Missed seeing your posts... love the money saving tip ones.
    We are hoping once again to be able to leave cold Canada and come to the USA but as of now Biden has not opened the border.

    1. I wish the borders were open now. So many friends are really unhappy that they can't go to Canada this summer--so much great hiking and backpacking up there!