Saturday, September 18, 2021

A Quick Update

It's been pretty uneventful around here lately.  Las Vegas is more or less back to normal (including a full Raiders stadium and the huge Life is Beautiful Music Festival which is happening this weekend) but as usual we are staying low-key for now.  Among other things...

  • They will be holding the World Series of Poker here next month.  I signed up to work but after thinking about it for a while--and hearing everyone won't need to wear masks during the event--I decided not to work this year.  Hubby is vaxxed, I am not, and while we both take precautions, I don't want to inadvertently pick up the virus and bring it home to him (vaxxed people are still being hospitalized and dying from covid and with his long list of health issues I'd rather forgo the extra money this year and hope things are better by next year!).
  • I have made a huge bucket list of sorts and we have been knocking things off the list a little at a time (I blog about our activities here).
  • Did you know that a company will pay someone $1300 to watch 3 scary movies in October?  You can apply here.
  • Here's a huge list of free alternatives to paid software.
  • The news is saying this should be the last week of triple digit temperatures for the year in Las Vegas.  Yeah!  We are looking forward to cooler weather!
  • Supply chain issues are still showing up all over here.  There are several products that seem to have disappeared completely (certain kinds of fish food and hair gel, last week Costco had lots of bottled water but no Kirkland toilet paper, my favorite buckwheat pancake mix has been missing for ages, etc).  So a heads up to do your Christmas shopping ASAP since they are saying shortages may be even worse by Christmas.
  • The cousins came to visit last week so of course we cooked a bunch of food for them as it saves them a lot of money over eating out (they all gathered here after a vacation to Mexico; we cooked and dropped off food where they are staying but didn't hang around and chat because of the risk of covid).

Hopefully you are all doing well and staying healthy!



  1. Missed your posts- was glad to see you back.
    Am envious of life being more normal than all the restrictions here in Canada.
    We want to travel south for the winter- but still waiting to see when and if Biden will open the land border as we travel by RV and with our dog- and we are both double vaxxed. Wishing it would just all be over!

    1. I hope you can travel soon. We have several friends in Canada who always head south for the winter who haven't been able to do this for a couple years now. They are none too happy about spending winters in Canada!