Friday, October 8, 2021

The Great Grocery Shrinkray and Other Things

Hubby and I were shopping at the military commissary a couple days ago and were excited to see that we could get a container of coffee for only $4.80!  Unfortunately when we got home and compared the coffee to one we had in the pantry, we realized that the coffee we had just bought was only 24 ounces but the older coffee was 30 ounces!  This has been a common problem for years but I really though that containers of coffee always stayed the same :(

And other things...

  • Today when we pulled into a parking lot, the guy next to us got out of his car and asked if we could give his car a jump because his battery was dead.  He started hauling out his jumper cables but we quickly grabbed the little jumper box we always keep in our car and had his car started within minutes.  He was pretty surprised that such a small device could jump a car but this is the second time we have used it and both times we were impressed with how well it works.  This is a great tool that everyone should have!
  • Here is a big list of useful websites.  I know of many of these sites but I learned of some sites that I had never heard of before and have added them to my favorites list.  Cool!
  • With our current economic system teetering by a thread, it's always good to learn new skills, like how to live without money.  Hopefully it doesn't come to that but one never knows...
  • Something I have been noticing around Las Vegas as well as other places is people posting their Venmo/Cash App/etc link in public places in the hopes (?) that strangers will send them money.  Apparently this is a thing now?  I've seen this quite often on the back of peoples cars ("just turned 21 buy me a drink!") and on Facebook/Twitter/etc.  Hmmm
  • Did you know that you can Google 'Halloween freebies' and come up with pages and pages of free stuff?
  • And here is a reminder to check to see if you qualify for any class action rebates.
  • Finally, this weekend I am attending the free Community Safety Forum at the Mob Museum.  If you ever come to Las Vegas when this monthly event is happening, you can sign up to attend the event then get free entry to the Mob Museum (the cost to visit this museum is usually $30!).


  1. Just this week, we bought a jump box. My jumper cables are in the trunk of a dead car with no keyhole for the trunk. Until Tommy told me about the jump box, I had no idea it existed.

    1. I think you will like it, it makes jumping a car so much easier!

    2. Today, we tried to use it and it did not work. It took us from 2:30 until 6 to get my car working. Read about the ordeal tomorrow on my blog.