Sunday, November 21, 2021

No Spend November Week #3 Update

I thought this was a cute decoration one of our neighbors just set up for Christmas.  In other news, this was a busy week!

November 15: Sam's Club $40 for groceries, post office $28 (!) to mail a package to Japan, Seafood City $25 for groceries

November 16: Baskin Robbins $5 for coffee drink

November 17: Black Bear Diner $40 for lunch, Baskin Robbins $5 for coffee drink, bingo $18 for hubby and I to play one session

November 18: $0

November 19: Tire air check $2 for tip to service guy

November 20: Black Bear Diner $43 for brunch, Baskin Robbins $5 for coffee drink

November 21: Albertsons $14 for groceries

Total spent this week: $225 which is way more than the $125 we were aiming for :(

And some other things...

  • Hubby's sister came to visit this week which explains the couple of times we took her out to eat at her new favorite place in Las Vegas, the Black Bear Diner.  She took us out to several nice restaurants as well and we even spent the night with her at the new Resorts World Conrad Hotel (she gets free rooms at many places so she wanted to check out this place.  I thought the place was pretty unimpressive and overly expensive but it was nice of her to invite us.  Hubby and I haven't done any sort of stay-cation on the Strip in years so this was a good experience).
  • All of this activity also explains my (several) trips to Baskin Robbins.  I can't drink regular coffee but I can drink coffee when I kill the taste with plenty of ice cream :O  and I needed all of the oomph I could get since we woke early and stayed up late running all over the place with the SIL.
  • I sent a birthday present to a friend in Japan and shipping costs more than the gift!  Unfortunately gift giving in Japan is a never-ending thing and I don't want to insult her by not sending a gift so I just suck it up and pay the exorbitant postal cost.
  • The SIL came to town for a $750k bingo event.  While we can't play bingo 12 hours a day for three solid days like she does, hubby and I did play one session with her.  Of course we didn't win but when she went back to play the next night, a lady sitting next to her won $47,000!  I guess luck is a big part of winning in bingo!  Unfortunately the SIL spent $4k over the weekend for this bingo event and only won a few hundred dollars  :(
  • The air pressure in our tires was low so we got a free tire check at Discount Tires (our favorite tire place) and hubby gave the guy a small tip.  The guy said a lot of people have had low tire pressure lately since when the temperature drops it reduces the air in the tires.  This is a great service they provide and they even rotate our tires for free once a year too!
  • This was an interesting infographic about food costs around the world.
  • Finally, it is almost December and we still haven't had to turn on our heat yet!

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  1. I had seen that diner in Arizona but good to know expensive and nothing special- we dont eat out much anyhow- its bad enough buying groceries LOL
    Nice you havent had to turn the heat on for sure. We live in a mobile home so the plus is no basement or big space to worry about heating