Tuesday, November 30, 2021

No Spend November Week #4 and Summary

We survived a no (actually low) spend November!

November 22:  Big Lots $3 for sundries, Baskin Robbins $5 for coffee drink

November 23:  Albertsons $11 for groceries

November 24:  Mexican restaurant $15 for lunch, gas $44, Baskin Robbins $5 for coffee drink

November 25:  $0

November 26:  99 Cent Store $17 for groceries, Burger King $8, Baskin Robbins $5 for coffee drink

November 27:  $0

November 28:  Baskin Robbins $5 for coffee drink

November 29:  99 Cent Store $13 for groceries

November 30:  Black Bear Diner $18 for lunch, Baskin Robbins $5 for coffee drink

Total spent this week:  $174, again, this is way over our $125 budget for the week but this also includes two extra days added to the week to complete the month.

And some other things...

  • We finally had to turn on the heat because it was getting cold!  It was nice having two months of really low utility bills though.
  • Needless to say, we eat out way too much and I am literally addicted to Baskin Robbins coffee drinks  :(
  • I avoided buying anything on Black Friday/Cyber Monday.  I had several things sitting in my Amazon shopping cart but after some thought, I decided I really didn't need the items so deleted everything (and saved myself several hundred dollars!).  I would really like some new high-end earbuds and headphones but in reality I use these things maybe once a month at most so I don't really need these things when the ones I have work perfectly fine for the short time I use them every month.
  • Today is our 31st anniversary!  Hubby and I have been together exactly 35 years (we met the Saturday after Thanksgiving) and married for exactly 31 years--we got married the Friday after Thanksgiving.  In a bowling alley.  In the middle of hubby's bowling league.  It was the most inexpensive wedding ever but it was memorable and all of our friends were there and it was so much fun.
  • We got several freebies this week: a friend gave us a $45 gift card for a grocery store which we used this week for groceries (we bring an elderly lady breakfast once a week when we bowl with her and this week she gave us a nice card and this gift card).  The SIL paid for us to have a nice lunch out this week because we went and claimed her lost jewelry which she was very thankful for.  The SIL also paid for hubby and I to get manicures and pedicures for our anniversary which we had done today (see my nails above).  Hubby also got 16 free games of bowling through one of his bowling leagues so we went bowling yesterday and played a couple of games each.  
  • Needless to say, if we didn't eat out all month and I made coffee drinks at home instead of buying them, we would have probably hit our goal of $500 for spending this month but hubby was still impressed that we spent around $700 this month instead of our usual $1200 to $1500.

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