Saturday, January 22, 2022

10 Things from This Weekend

Here are ten things from this weekend...

  1. I took a nice walk around downtown Las Vegas while hubby played poker and took pictures of my favorite building (see photo above). 
  2. I also made lemon bars that are now our favorite using this recipe.  Note, always use parchment paper or you will be extricating these bars from the pan with a chisel!

  3. I ordered our free covid tests from the government at this link.  It was super simple and they should arrive soon.
  4. I downloaded a coupon for a discount on a haircut which I will use tomorrow.  There are actually two coupons I found, one is for $5 off and one is even cheaper but it is limited to a set of specific cities.
  5. I came across this article which people might find useful.  It looks like Mark Cuban opened a discount pharmacy to provide cheaper prescriptions.  We wouldn't use it because all of hubby's meds come from the military base pharmacy, but hopefully others will find it useful!
  6. I saw a Ronald McDonald Care Mobile around our city so I looked it up and apparently they have these mobile medical and dental care services in cities around the US.  For people who can't afford dental or medical care for their kids, this looks like a great opportunity!
  7. Tax time is just around the corner.  I always do my taxes online with H & R Block for a small fee (around $20 I think), but for people who need help with their taxes and are looking for free assistance, here is a list of where to find free tax help.
  8. Also just around the corner--Valentines Day!  Here is a long list of freebies and discounts for the holiday.
  9. In local news, Adele had a concert series set for Las Vegas but she just canceled yesterday.  What I found shocking was that her tickets were selling for up to $35,000!  I think the last time I went to a big concert I was in high school and we had to camp out overnight in front of the box office to buy tickets for like $10 to $20 a piece even for major concerts.  Times sure have changed!
  10. Finally, this subreddit only confirms what we have been seeing in the stores over the past several months--products are shrinking and prices are rising.  A lot.


  1. I can't imagine even if I could paying $35k for Adele. Even if for charity, I'd give it to the charity. I'll check out some of your links.

    1. Yep, my sister paid $350 for the nose bleed section to watch a Bruno Mars concert here and I thought that was insane. $35k would buy me a new car or something!

  2. Quite the house- does someone live in there? We have been to Las Vegas about 5 times- never seen that one.
    Saw Adele on tv saying she had to cancel ...and $35,000 is insane!

  3. I ordered the tests. I wonder if they will ship to my PO address. Good links!

    1. I just got my tests today and was surprised how quickly they came.