Saturday, February 5, 2022

Another Week, Another Bunch of Ups and Downs

It's been...a week.  Some ups, some downs...

  • Strawberries are coming into the stores early this season.  I got a couple of one pound boxes of strawberries for 98 cents each on sale and yes, that strawberry is nearly as big as my hand--that's the biggest strawberry I've ever seen!
  • Hubby's birthday was this week so I picked up a cake for him at Costco and we celebrated with a little party with his bowling league.  I was happy to see that the half-sheet cakes at Costco were still $19.99 (I figured they would have raised the price on these cakes by now but they haven't).
  • I'm still wrangling with the unemployment department.  A live person from their office actually called me this week; unfortunately he knew literally nothing so he said his supervisor would call me the next day and of course they never did :(
  • The 'Real Truth About Health Conference' is coming up in April.  This online conference focuses on natural health and is free to watch.  You can sign up here.
  • I was interested to see this post on Sluggy's blog about moving.  I really really want to move.  Our parameters for a place to move to would be about the same as hers--good weather, low cost for housing and utilities, good access to healthcare, etc.  My city is literally going insane, examples here, here, and here.
  • Unfortunately it seems like our whole country is going insane, examples here (NSFW!), here (I support the convoy but the misinformation around it is insane...hubby still can't believe none of the news stations are covering it), and here (a similar shooting happened in Las Vegas recently; if you can't identify your target you shouldn't be shooting!).  I may be the only person who saw this article and thought 'what a good place to be...except for the dwindling supplies issue...').
  • On a happy note, I picked up free N95 masks at our local grocery store in their pharmacy (there was a big table full of stacks of three-mask piles that everyone could take for free), I got a small check for some unclaimed money that I found online, and we are enjoying watching the Olympics on TV!

I hope you are all having a great week!