Saturday, March 5, 2022

A Quick Update

Not much happening around here except...

...I am mourning the loss of $1 prices at Dollar Tree (to be fair, I'm sure people mourned the loss of Five and Dime stores too back in the day!).

...speaking of which, food prices continue to skyrocket everywhere.

...also, gas prices literally shot up overnight here.  From $3.90 a gallon on Thursday to $4.20 to $4.50 a gallon depending on the gas station.  Apparently this is happening everywhere else too.  Eeekkk is supposed to be 80 degrees today and everything is blooming.  My allergies are killing me! 

...the news continues to be scary and depressing.  FYI, if you need to plan for a nuclear attack, here's what to do.

...I applied to work at the World Series of Poker this summer as I have been doing for several years.  Hopefully everything gets back to normal this year!

...I am somewhat nearing the end of my wrangling with the unemployment system which started TWO years ago.  Apparently they are insisting that they send me more money for my claim from two years ago when the pandemic hit.  I still don't understand the system as they are insisting that the six-week job that was cancelled due to the pandemic for which I usually earn about $5k per summer is worth $10k so they will be sending me the rest of the money soon (I got about half that amount a year ago when the initial unemployment claim went through.  I keep telling them I shouldn't be entitled to receive twice what I would have made if the job had not been cancelled but they insist that "it's just how the system works".  Ayayay).

...finally, here are some cute and clever money-saving hacks!


  1. Havent commented for a while but always enjoy reading your posts. Thank you for keeping me on your blog roll as well.

    1. Thanks! I read your blog I just don't tend to comment much but I do enjoy reading you blog as well!

  2. Gee I could sit forever scrolling through Bored Panda-LOL