Sunday, April 3, 2022

The 100k Week

Actually it will be 100k of walking in about 10 days total.  So far my walking group did a 10k in Downtown Las Vegas, a 10k in Downtown Summerlin, a 10k around Henderson, NV and a 10k this morning at Sunset Park in Las Vegas.  We have six more walks to do to finish up National Walking Week and while I am having a great time walking, I am ridiculously out of shape!  Here's some scenery from our walks this week...





  1. Awesome job!! That is a LOT of walking. The scenery is beautiful.

  2. I could not walk 10K in a month! Pretty scenery. Do you just stop to take a picture? I suppose it is not a race, so it is okay to stop.

    1. Yes it's a casual walk so I stop (often!) to take pictures!

  3. The views are lovely, and that sounds fabulous to me! Nice work.

  4. Wow that's some walking! We do 1 mile and think wow we did good!