Saturday, May 7, 2022

10 Things from This Week

It's been a fun yet busy week for us...

  1. Lobster tails were on sale for $5 each this week so we made our own lobster rolls (which is way better than the $20+ lobster rolls you can buy in Vegas). 
  2. Here is an updated coupon for Great Clips (unfortunately it only works in certain cities).
  3. This week in Las Vegas is the Silver State RC Races which is basically a whole bunch of people racing gas-powered remote control cars which is surprisingly entertaining!  A friend and I walked over to check it out and it was pretty fun to watch! 
  4. This looks like a great offer from Planet Fitness for teenagers to take advantage of this summer!
  5. To all of you moms/step moms/foster moms/substitute moms out there...HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY this Sunday!
  6. Gas prices are slowly going down here.  From a high of $5.50 per gallon, today we paid $4.65 per gallon which is a good thing (but still very expensive IMHO!).
  7. We are seriously talking about moving although we still have no idea where we want to move to.  The combination of record-high home prices in our city (great for sellers) and record low water levels in the city's only source of drinking water (gruesome story here) mean it's time to leave!
  8. I am debating getting the iPad Mini 6 which is $100 off this week.  I never, ever use Apple products for a variety of reasons but for just content consumption like watching YouTube videos and reading books on Kindle I think this might be a great deal.
  9. It is still super windy here.  This is the windiest weather, for a prolonged period of time, that we have ever experienced since we moved to Las Vegas!
  10. Political season is starting for the midterms and we are already being inundated with political TV ads, emails and texts advertising candidates, and snail mail candidate flyers...ugh.

I hope you are all having a wonderful May weekend!

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