Monday, August 8, 2022

Cash Only Report--Week 1

A quick update on our cash-only spending month...

  • August 1: $2.66 Dollar Tree (food, toiletries); $.99 Target (food)
  • August 2: No spend
  • August 3: $5 Baskin Robbins (I still haven't beat my caffeine addiction), $15.80 Albertsons (food), $14.67 99 Cent Store (food, toiletries), $2.50 water jug refill
  • August 4: $2.50 Dollar Tree (food)
  • August 5: $3.28 Seafood City (food), $1.35 Walmart (food), $71.97 Sam's Club (food, household stuff), $2.75 Valerios (food)
  • August 6: No spend
  • August 7: No spend
Our first week was a success!  We spent $118.47 on food and other necessities and $5 on a non-necessary but very yummy coffee drink so we came in at $123.47 for the week which was right at our goal of spending $125 a week.  That was definitely the cheapest visit to Sam's Club we have ever done but we weren't adding anything extra to our basket in order to stay within our low-spend goal.  Hubby also commented that it really is harder to spend cold, hard cash than it is to just swipe a credit card so we may keep doing this even once this month is over!

On another note, for some reason I am having a hard time answering comments on my blog.  Maybe blogger is messed up or maybe it is the new browser I am using, but I do read everyone's comments, my responses just don't show up!


  1. I have fallen behind with reading your blog- been busy house hunting and helping with mother.. but now its time to catch up!
    I will say your hubby is right that if you have cash its harder to spend than card swiping, although we stick with card swiping to get those darn points for using debit or credit cards. I will say we do have our credit card as we play we pay!

    1. We are trying to figure out this month if we actually save money by buying less because we are not wanting to spend our cash vs what we would earn in cash-back. We haven't reached a conclusion yet but I am surprised our bank didn't send out a search party because we haven't made a single bank transaction all month!