Monday, November 7, 2022

This Week

So far this week...

...we've been having beautiful sunsets! (see photo above)

...I had leftover milk from a cheesecake I made a few days ago and went searching for something else to make with the milk and I hit upon pudding.  I haven't had pudding in years and I didn't realize how easy it was to make from scratch!  So I cooked up a batch of both chocolate and vanilla pudding and we are set for desserts for a while.  

...OMG the price of eggs these days!  I went to the grocery store today and only bought loss leaders which saved a lot of money but I am glad we still have eggs because the price is getting ridiculous! 

...the big $1 billion+ lottery drawing is this evening.  We didn't buy tickets because we would have had to drive to California to buy them and according to the news, the line at the lottery store just over the border was more than four hours long!  Which is all good because I am happy with my life and wouldn't want to win that much money because of all of the drama that comes along with winning.

...we went to the movies ($4 senior day!) and saw Ticket to Paradise.  The movie was OK but some of the people in the theater were annoying AF.  Playing on their phones during the movie, chatting loudly during the movie, and two ladies in the row behind us had their feet up on top of the back of the chairs right next to me.  Hubby and I just moved to other seats instead of me causing a scene but I was really disappointed because these are seniors so I expect better manners but I guess people of all ages have pretty awful behavior these days :(

...tomorrow is Election Day.  Thank God.  I am more excited to see all of the calls/texts/emails/snail mail cards/awful TV ads stop than I am about the outcome of the election!

...also tomorrow, there will be a full lunar eclipse of the full blood moon tomorrow evening.

...I just came across this useful webpage to find government benefit programs.  I should have added this to my last post but for people who already read the last post they would have missed this so I will just post it here.

Have a happy rest of the week!


  1. I would have had to drive to GA, a three-hour drive. I saw on TV that the first place to buy them as you drove from AL sold 35,000 tickets in one day. But, the next place up the road was calm and sold few, so going another mile would help, I suppose. I would take the chance that my life would not be worse after winning. I heard that online buying of a lottery ticket is possible.

    1. That's a good tip. People were saying that going a little past the border in our area was also better for shorter lines to buy tickets. I hadn't heard of online lottery sales--thanks for the info!

  2. We actually came to the USA- realized how much the groceries have gone up there and decided not to spend the winter there after all and heading home. 4 months away at those prices and the rate on the Canadian dollar.. not worth it.. although we were happy for all we saw in the last 3 weeks away

    1. That's too bad you didn't spend long in the US but you are right about the cost of food and everything else going up. Just to fill up an RV with gas is probably quite a shock to people's wallets!