Tuesday, December 26, 2023

10 Things Before the End of the Year

I can't believe this year is almost over!  Only five more days and we will be ringing in 2024!  There are several things I want to finish up by the end of the year...

  1. Celebrate the Cold Moon.  My phone doesn't take great distance shots but I was happy to catch the last full moon of the year rising in the east.
  2. One thing I just completed was to try on every single item of clothes in my closet and get rid of anything that didn't fit (so many pants!), I didn't like wearing, or didn't look good on me.  It is nice seeing a smaller pile of clothes and knowing that all of them fit and are comfortable!
  3. Get the house ready for guests.  We will have a half dozen people here for the weekend so I am cleaning, organizing, and shopping to get ready for their arrival.
  4. Wrap up several work projects.  I got so much work done today since it seems like most people are gone until after the new year.  I want to start the year with a clean slate so I updated files, finished up reporting, and did a bunch of "housekeeping" tasks so I can finish the week with nothing to do, work-wise, until after the first of the year.
  5. Some deep cleaning.  I shampooed the carpet last week and want to deep clean the kitchen sometime this week.
  6. Get rid of a bunch of stuff.  Our "to give away" pile which we keep in the garage is getting pretty high so we need to sort and pack the things to either be shipped to the Philippines, given to the neighbors, or dropped off at the Goodwill.
  7. Make a goal list for 2024.  There are 366 days in 2024 (it's a Leap Year!) so I am putting together a long list of things to do, see, and be during the upcoming year.
  8. Reviewing and updating my "kits".  I am in the midst of sorting my EDC (everyday carry) kit, my travel kit, my walk pack, my work pack, and our car emergency kit.
  9. Firm up travel plans.  We haven't traveled since before covid.  Between hubby's serious health issues a few years ago then covid, we have not strayed far from home in ages.  I recently booked a Mediterranean cruise for next fall, I am debating heading up to Seattle for an important meeting next month (I can do the meeting online as I always do but a couple of our Board members are retiring and I would like to host the meeting/retirement party instead of having someone else do it), and finally, hubby's sisters want us to go to Asia with them this year but that sounds like an awful lot of travel/hassle so we may skip that trip.
  10. Maybe get a few hours of quiet before the end of the year!


  1. I have no guests coming, but I'm deep cleaning and organizing anyway, lol. So many reels on fb and insta about cleaning!! It has me getting a little perturbed to know that I'm not deep cleaning as well as I thought, but still, my house is much cleaner and neater than most, even with all my pets. We recently went to a friends house for the holiday and I got a little cringey in the bathroom. I mean, if you're going to have guests, especially for a holiday, make the bathroom spotless for them! That bathroom is the memory I now have of the entire visit. You definitely don't want that.
    I go through my clothes regularly and donate a bunch, then maybe buy a few new or thrifted pieces, but I have a limit and stick to it because that's something that can easily get out of hand. I remember when you just wore only what you carried in a backpack, lol. Seems like so long ago. You and your blog were a big inspiration to me in my downsizing and decluttering journey. :-)

    1. Thanks! It's amazing how people can downsize to almost nothing but the minute they (me!) become stationary again the household stuff starts piling up again!

  2. I have a few things I want to accomplish before the end of the year as well. I like your #8!

    1. There is so much to sort! OTOH, in an emergency I have more than enough emergency stuff to share!

  3. The full moon was gorgeous here! Thank you for always listing so many tips and information.

  4. I left a comment here, but it is not here. Wonder what I did wrong? lol
    My bathroom would have to be spotless if I had company coming. They won't remember anything except a dirty bathroom or a dirty sink.
    My bathroom is never spotless since I do not have a cleaner and cannot do it myself. But, the kitchen, although cluttered due to lack of space, is spotless.