Sunday, April 7, 2024

10 Things for This Week

In no particular order...

  1. The solar eclipse, which a large swath of the country will be able to view, will happen on Monday.
  2. April 15th is Tax Day (as well as the deadline for several other tax payments).
  3. April 20th will be the first day of National Parks Week as well as a free entrance day to the National Parks.
  4. In sad news, the 99 Cent Store chain that we love to shop at is closing all of their stores.  Although they have raised their prices and not everything was 99 cents anymore, they did have several items we bought regularly which were much cheaper than at regular stores.  Bummer :(
  5. Here is info on the huge Walmart class-action settlement.
  6. For you older, sporty folks, you have 473 days left to get into shape for the National Senior Games!
  7. In running news, this is the first year that a female completed the Barkley Marathons, the 3100 mile (!) Sri Chinmoy race is coming up in late summer, and for those of you looking for something a bit less challenging, you can find all kinds of cool races here.
  8. For the next couple weekends, I will be doing some annual trainings with our community CERT team.  This is always an interesting and informative (and free!) experience.  You can find info on your local CERT team here.
  9. I will also be doing some walks with my local walking club.  You can find info on walking clubs near you here.
  10. I love historical...everything!  Old houses, old photos, old books, old videos, etc.  Here are some cool historical photos.

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