Thursday, June 30, 2011

We're in Las Vegas!

We made it to Las Vegas!  Here's a picture of the hubby with a couple of famous, multi-millionaire poker players (sorry, I don't follow poker so don't know these people but hubby said they are Jennifer Harmon on the left and Tom Dwan on the right, hubby is in the middle).  Hubby is in seventh heaven and the other many thousands of people in the convention center at the Rio Hotel also look pretty happy to be there.  I wish I could have taken a picture in the convention center because there are literally thousands and thousands of people playing poker simultaneously which is an amazing sight.  They have games going 24 hours a day and the tournament will run from May 31st to July 7th.  We are only staying for a week for hubby to try to win enough money for a seat in the finals (he plays $125 tournaments in hopes of winning $1000 so he can play in even bigger tournaments in hopes of winning $10,000 for the main event. He would probably have to pry the $10,000 entry fee out of my hands, however, because that is A LOT of money to put down for a one shot chance of winning against thousands of other people!).  Here's some financials:
  • We are staying in my sister in law's condo so our lodging is free.
  • We did end up renting a car because they are using their car.  Note: in the past we always declined rental car insurance because our full coverage car insurance covered rental cars however a while back we dropped down to just liability because our car was getting older. Now it is costing us an extra $20 a day just for car insurance through the rental company--if I would have known that I would have reinstated full coverage insurance on our car so we wouldn't have to pay such exorbitant fees!!
  • For food we eat breakfast in the condo (bought at the grocery store) to save money.  Lunch so far has been at cheap, off-strip Asian restaurants, and dinners have been two-for-one coupon deals so we haven't spent much on food.
  • I have lost $20 so far which is about my limit.  Hubby is down $80 in the last three days and my brother in law is down around $4000 (yikes!).  Hubby has a limit of about $60 a day for live game so he really tries to make it last.
  • My friend is taking me to look at houses today.  We have tossed around the idea of having a permanent home base somewhere and the houses here are super cheap so I want to check them out and see what's available.
  • The condo place charges $40 a week for internet access and with that, only one person can be online at a time so I have been getting free internet access at McDonalds and Starbucks (note you can sit in the parking lot and still get the free wi-fi signal!).
  • Other free stuff we have enjoyed: free dancing at the casinos, a free photo at Binions, free slot spins, free handouts for signing up for free casino players club cards.
  • Also, it's been around 105 degrees each day since we got here--that's hot!!
That's all for now!


  1. Sounds like it's been fun so far!! :) Good luck to your hubby! Keep us updated!!

  2. Make sure if you buy you are at the bottom. Los Vegas is in the toilet for housing. You should get a good deal if it is down all the way.

  3. We are having fun here which is why we are seriously considering buying a house. With prices for many houses way under $100,000 it is a far cry from the prices in Seattle, the weather is MUCH nicer, and there is so much to do here...I just never thought I would actually find myself wanting to live here!