Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My Two Challenges for the Month...And How They Have Been Adjusted

After yesterday, I figured out a few things.  First, if I am to not spend money or eat junk food for a month I better be held captive in a remote place with no hope of running into my friends, a store, or a fast food place for the entire month.  That being said, I do want to reap some of the benefits of these challenges so this is what I have changed:
  • Whole 30/Paleo Challenge.  This is what I wanted to do, and what happens when you don't do it right.  I even had this nifty paleo grocery shopping guide.  And then I ran into some friends and collectively we ran into In N Out Burger...and boy did that burger taste good.  But oddly, a bit after eating the burger, I had a weird feeling.  I am thinking it was the wheat in the bun that made me get this odd cough that I always got after eating except I hadn't noticed it at all the few days that I didn't eat any wheat.  Then I thought hmmm.  If, as I have suspected for some time, wheat has such an impact on me, I certainly didn't want to throw in the towel on the whole diet thing.  But at the same time, I am pretty convinced that I can't do a strict paleo diet because, well, I really do love food.  Greek food, Chinese food, Mexican food, French food, Thai name it and I will probably want to eat it.  So...I decided that while the challenge may be a fail, making better choices in the food I eat is doable.  So today, I just decided to eat what I want but to make better choices.  We went to lunch at The Palms today and their buffet is awesome.  Instead of eating everything there, I started with a big salad then moved on to vegetables, salmon, and a couple of beef ribs.  I skipped the beautiful dessert trays and had fruit for dessert.  I also skipped anything with wheat (such as breaded and fried anything and the pita that would have been good wrapped around the falafel balls and tzatziki sauce which I ate by itself), but did have some dairy (couldn't pass up the mozzarella and tomato salad).  Also, hubby thought I would cave and head to Baskin Robbins but I didn't and the only snack-type item we have at home is fresh fruit so I will try to avoid bringing any junk food into the house.  Overall an OK compromise (but I would have really liked to do 30 days of strict paleo just to see what would happen!).
  • No Spend Challenge.  Again, I seem to not be able to not spend.  So I have decided to watch what I spend but try to justify each item I purchase (and hopefully talk myself out of buying things I don't really need).  Today hubby spent $1 on the slot machine while he was waiting for me (and won $13).  We also had a nice buffet lunch which was free from the comps he received from the casino.  That was all of the money we spent today.  I will probably be shelling out $95 for karate lessons this month which I will justify by saying that earning a black belt is one of my goals for this year AND that at six lessons a week or 24 lessons a month, the $95 breaks down to a bit less than $4 per lesson which is a bargain.
So there you have it.  I have very little willpower, unfortunately, but I will use what little I have to make small changes over time which will (hopefully) lead to bigger and better changes in the future!


  1. It's impossible for me not to spend either. Either the BF or I spend everyday, so it's impossible.

  2. Onwards & upwards!! ;) Small steps add up to big changes!

  3. Baby steps are the best, a little srep here and there will win everyday.