Saturday, March 3, 2012

10 Things I Am Doing This Weekend

It's kind of a quiet weekend so I am getting a lot of things done...
  1. I finished my friend's website for their new business.
  2. Out of the blue another friend called and said she would need me to redo her company's website so that will be my next project.  Also since her job is changing and getting bigger, I insisted that she ask for $90k a year when she meets to discuss her salary.  She didn't feel like she was worth that much but I explained to her how she is actually saving the company over $100k a year so the least they could do is pay her what she is worth.  People need to value themselves more!
  3. Beginning on the first, I have been spending at least two hours a day (four today!) on the book that I have been trying to write For. Ever.  I need to get it finished!
  4. I am absolutely consuming Julia Quinn books.  I have read five so far and am amazed at what a good writer she is (you don't often find exceptional writing in the romance genre).
  5. We made offer number nine on a house yesterday and today we got an email from the realtor saying the bank that owns the house wouldn't be able to consider any offers for another few weeks.  This is why we avoid short sales since it takes so long to even get a yes or no on our offer, and now bank repos seem to be the same.  Arrgghhh   So we will resume our search on Monday.
  6. Tomorrow we will have dim sum for lunch at Ping Pang Pong, my favorite Chinese restaurant in Las Vegas (and it is free with hubby's comps!).
  7. I spend way to much time on Reddit (and its many sub reddits).  I just do.  Ayayay
  8. Hubby was playing poker and the 96 year old guy playing next to him won $32,000!  I wish wish wish hubby would win that much!  Holy cow that would pay for all of our vacations for the year!
  9. I'm keeping one eye on the news this weekend.  We have friends and family in Kentucky, Tennessee, and Georgia and I can't believe how many tornadoes have touched down in the past few days.  Scary!
  10. We finally got our health insurance switched around yesterday.  We didn't think to check it before we moved and found that while it covered us anywhere, if we were out of our area (Seattle) we could only go to a local emergency room, not a regular doctor.  So we were able to switch it to another carrier and should be all set.
I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Dim sum! Yum! Nothing like that here in my corner of the world. Can't wait to escape!