Monday, March 5, 2012

Today We Made an Offer...On House #10

I swear, I have NEVER had this much trouble buying a house in my entire life.  Actually I have only bought two houses in my entire life but both times I saw the house, said "this is the house I want" and in less than two months they were mine. 
Then we got to Las Vegas....the land of repos and short sales and foreclosures.  In theory buying houses here should be easy--there are empty houses on every block.  But we have made offers on ten...yes TEN properties and for one reason or another or another we were unsuccessful at purchasing them.  The first was marked as VA mortgageable and it wasn't.  The second we were outbid by a cash buyer.  On the third, we made an offer, the seller accepted it, then after we thought it was a go the seller countered our already approved offer with even worse terms.  On the fourth, a short sale, it was going to take two months for the bank to even look at our offer.  On the fifth, the bank had multiple offers so we were encouraged--multiple times--to keep upping our offer until we said no more.  Somewhere around house house seven we found out we couldn't submit an application for funding until the end of February so that gave us a breather. 
Then a couple days ago we started our house hunt again.  We made an offer on a short sale on the 29th of last month but the listing agent wouldn't even call our realtor back.  Then a couple days ago we made an offer on house nine and although we were supposed to hear back within three days if our offer was accepted the bank that owned the property sent an email saying they may get around to looking at the offers submitted for the property in about three weeks.  Aarrgghh.  So today we found THE HOUSE.  It's a house that is perfect.  Exactly what we want, minimal work to make it livable, a great location, etc.  So we wrote up our offer, I gave the offer a Catholic blessing (even though I am not Catholic) before it was sent off, and now we wait.  My fingers are literally crossed.


  1. crossing my fingers and toes for you! Hope this one is the one and all goes smoothly

  2. Wow that's a lot of work! Hopefully you get this one.

  3. Crossing here for you! Good luck!