Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Today Was...Kind of Amusing

Not overly so but...
  • I got an email from our realtor asking us to submit our "last and best offer" on the house we made an offer on a couple of days ago.  This wasn't actually amusing but rather annoying because it seems like the banks that own repos do this often--they don't simply take the best offer they receive for the property but rather encourage buyers to keep outbidding each other.  We offered a couple more thousand dollars and told the realtor that that was our LAST offer.  Home girl don't play the words of my younger self.
  • A door to door salesman stopped by trying to get us to sign up for our local cable TV service this morning.  He noticed that we had our TV on and when the hubby said that we didn't need cable as we already had TV he asked "how?" (probably since he didn't see a satellite dish anywhere in sight).  Hubby told him we get free TV over the air with an antenna and he looked stunned. Now that was amusing.
  • Hubby talked to both his sister and his cousin this morning and both conversations got around to "are you guys getting jobs soon" and random comments about how we are able to survive on such a small income (both the sister and the cousin are retired military too so they know about how much hubby gets from his pension and they are also both nearing retirement age so they know about how much he gets from Social Security too).  Hubby just said that we are doing fine and that neither of us plans on working which apparently left them both...dumbfounded.  Seems most people--at least those with huge incomes as both of them currently have--think that if a couple is living on around $2000 per month we must be dumpster diving and begging on a street corner for cash in order to survive.  We really aren't and, oddly enough, we seem to be living so much better with a tiny income than we ever did with a large income.  Go figure...  This made me a bit amused. 
  • Our tax refund hit our bank account this morning.  It's the first time there was money coming in from the IRS instead of going out to the IRS in over a decade.  Yippee!
  • I have been religiously working on my novel for two or more hours a day since a week ago.  It is coming along--60k words so far--and I haven't slacked off yet (color me surprised!).  If (when?) it gets published I am giving you all a free copy!
  • Finally, I was perusing Freelance Switch and was surprised to see a recent article I wrote published there.  Usually the editor will drop me an email and tell me they are going to use my article but I didn't get anything about this one.  It amused me that, like the new TV show GCB which didn't (couldn't?) use it's original name Good Christian Bitches, the editor of FW didn't go with my original title "Cover Your Ass Techniques for Freelancers".
That's all for today.  BTW I have to brag about the 70+ degree weather we are having in Las Vegas which is wonderful (however no one told me that this time of year is the windy season so we have had 50 and 60 mile per hour winds over the past couple of days. Yikes!).


  1. I can't wait to you publish your book.


  2. People are always amazed when people live well on very little income.

  3. Congrats on getting your article published! And good luck with house #10. I remember when you were on #1. Time flies!

  4. Thanks all!
    Sioban, I tried to link through your noame to your blog but it didn't go--sometimes Blogger is like that! If you can enable the link I would be happpy to link to your blog.