Thursday, March 29, 2012

I May Be the Only Person on the Planet Who Doesn't Want to Win the Lottery

Working on my websites all day with the news on in the background, I learned that nearly everyone who has the opportunity is buying a Mega Millions lottery ticket for the big drawing tomorrow.  With a prize of nearly a half billion dollars, it led all of the news programs and some places were selling tickets at a rate of 14,000 per hour. That's a lot of dreams.
Then I asked myself what I would do if I actually WON the lottery and I quickly concluded that I really would not want to win it.  I mean really really not want it.  Which sounds weird because everyone wants more money but I am so happy with my life right now that I think that winning that much money would would make my life much more complicated and perhaps even unhappy.  Now if a friend won it and wanted to send me $100,000 that would be nice.  A little extra money is always nice because it is like a treat, but hundreds of millions of dollars seems more like a large anchor around your neck with you teetering on the edge of a bridge.  Definitely not a happy place to be.
So I will cheer on other people who buy lottery tickets (well maybe not cheer exactly as lottery tickets are really just a tax on the desperate and those who can't do math) and be happy that I am quite content with my life as it is.
On an odd note, did you know that you can't even buy these lottery tickets in Nevada? Go figure...


  1. I will never win the lottery, because I will never buy a ticket. I see it as a poor tax. I don't beleive money won through gambling adventures ever blesses a persons life. Now I am not talking about a roll of nickles at the .5 slots for pure entertainment. If you win $16.00 and you buy a dinner out okay. But I have never played a slot machine either. What a sheltered life!

  2. No ticket here either. Hubby and I are always saying that it would be nicer if the odds were better and the prize was smaller. 100K would be great!

  3. Yeah, I would never want that much money. Never. $250,000 would be my limit!

  4. I've never bought a lottery ticket. In fact,I don't even know how to ask for one. It would be more problematic for my life if I win the lottery I think especially if it's millions of dollars...

  5. Update: Well, I got sucked into buying $10.00 worth of tickets. A teacher at our school was pooling it all together to make one big lottery ticket purchase. I didn't want to be the one who didn't contribute and then be sorry later. I must admit, I daydreamed about winning the entire day. It was glorious!