Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mired in WordPress Today

I finally made the leap!  I have used a variety of software to create my websites (FrontPage first, then when that was discontinued I went to Dreamweaver which was very complicated, then finally settled on Expression Web) and a variety of platforms for my blogs (Tumblr and then settled on Blogger).  I know that everyone and their brother has switched both their website and blogging to the WordPress platform but when I tried to use it a few years ago, it just seemed complicated and I didn't have time for the learning curve so I went back to the tried and true methods I had been using.
Fast forward to today (actually this month).  The software I use for websites has been kind of buggy, even with a new computer, and Blogger is making changes as well (nothing significant but still) so it got me to thinking that since I have my own web host for my websites (all except for this blog) I figured I might as well check into WordPress since it is free (as opposed to hundreds of dollars for most web design software).  I love free!
I figured I would experiment first on my website (better than with my client's websites of course), then I checked out a book from the library on the subject (WordPress for Dummies if you must know) and read through it, then this morning I checked out my webhost and found that I didn't actually have to do anything to set up WordPress, just push a button.  So far, so good!  Then I found a theme.  Then I spent the last four hours altering it to my liking (with a lot of help from the book and Google).  This is the result so far.  Also, if you are following my other blog, I moved it from Blogger to my website which you can find here.  This Cash Only blog won't be going anywhere for a while.  After a bit more of learning about WordPress I will switch over my other eight websites...which should take a good long while to do.
Money lessons:

  • If you can get good software for free...that's awesome!
  • You can learn any new program/software for free simply by checking out a book or going online!
  • Once you learn a new skill (in this case WordPress) you can sell that skill to others and make money!

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  1. There was a free ebook for Kindle a couple of weeks ago on learning wordpress. I havent' had time to check it out yet.