Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My BIG April Challenge

My birthday is coming up in April, and since I will be hitting the big 45, and since I also found this guy's blog  who did a bunch of cool monthly challenges which inspired me, I thought I would do some sort of daily challenge for the month.  I've decided to do one thing a day for the month of April that will challenge or inspire me.  My list looks like this:

  1. Do a LV Reddit meet up.
  2. Do a LV Jelly meet up.
  3. Walk the Las Vegas Strip.
  4. Go on a Volksmarch.
  5. Wear a "free hugs" sign and stand on the LV Strip for an hour.
  6. Do the zipline of Freemont.
  7. Do a ride at the top of the Stratosphere (terrifying).
  8. Go to a LV show.
  9. Eat an expensive meal.
  10. Play poker.
  11. Write a book in a day.
  12. Apply to UNLV.
  13. Go to the Grand Canyon.
  14. Climb the west mountain.
  15. Do a random act of kindness.
  16. Interview a stranger.
  17. Spend 24 hours in Las Vegas and blog about it.
  18. Go to the Bodies Exhibit.
  19. Crash a convention.
  20. Hike Red Rock Canyon.
  21. Get free things on my birthday.
  22. Attend a university lecture.
  23. Attend a concealed carry class.
  24. Photograph cemeteries around LV.
  25. Go to San Francisco for lunch.
  26. Do a physical event (like a charity run).
  27. Go to Springs Preserve.
  28. Sing karaoke at a club.
  29. Go to the First Friday art gathering.
  30. Photograph the Hoover Dam.
And aside from the daily challenge, my BIG BIG BIG goal is to fund our BIG BIG BIG vacation this fall so my goal for this month, as far as our vacation is concerned, is to pay for the UK portion (buy flights to Connecticut, from NYC to the UK, and pay for the cruise from the UK to Florida) plus earn $2000 for our travel fund.  Holy crap I am going to be BUSY!


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  2. i love your list!
    just a quick you realize how far away SF and the Grand Canyon are? Are you flying there? LV to SF is a 9+ hours drive one way, and LV to the Grand Canyon (National Park) is 4+ hours drive (one way again). Many, many(!) people underestimate the size of the's not a quick jaunt from city to city. Just something to consider if you were planning to one of these per day.
    Also, it typically takes 2 years for allergies in an area to set in. Those sagebrush can be terrible!

  3. Wow, that is a hell of a long list for one month. I can't imagine what your Bucket List for life is! By the way, if you haven't seen The Bucket List with Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson, it is well worth your time.