Friday, April 27, 2012

Three More Goals Checked Off and A House Update

I still can't believe I am knocking out a goal a day on my 30 goals in 30 days challenge.  This is the first time I have ever stuck with a goal challenge this long!  Here's what I've done:

  • Attend a university lecture.  I checked out the UNLV calendar and saw that Tony Hsieh, the founder of Zappos and Las Vegas resident, would be giving a lecture a few days ago.  Fortunately it was free and fortunately it was open to the public instead of just students so I RSVD'ed and was first in line to get a seat to see him.  I'm a fan of all kinds of lectures but was really happy to hear business advice from Tony and Fred, another executive from his company.  He also mentioned that they have a funding project for small businesses in downtown Las Vegas so I immediately called a friend who is looking into setting up a business there.  This was a wonderful opportunity to enjoy a free event, learn some good information, meet someone famous, and fulfill one of my goals.
  • Yesterday I was supposed to do the free hugs thing on Las Vegas Blvd but I chickened out.  UNLV students were doing the event and while it was supposed to be for students only I thought me and my friend would just go and blend in then my friend backed out and then I chickened out.  I am sure I will get this goal knocked out by the end of the challenge.  Sometime.  So instead of this, another goal of mine was to apply to UNLV so I can finish my bachelor's degree.  I called to find out how to apply since it wouldn't let me do it online and found out that since I wasn't going to attend until January (so I can pay in-state tuition instead of out of state tuition), that I can't apply until September.  They won't even look at my transcripts to see how many more credits I need to graduate until I apply and am approved.  Bummer.  But this takes the goal off my list for now.
  • Today hubby and I hiked the mountains that are to the west of the city.  We drive by these (very) small, rocky hills quite a bit and I always said that sometime I want to hike up and see the caves which are dug into the mountain, which is how this goal ended up on my list.  It was a short, 20 minute hike up, we looked around a bit, took some pictures, and then hiked down.  The pictures are at the top of this post (including the view of The Strip from the top).
And a quick update: I've never seen a home sale move so slowly in my life.  Nearly two weeks ago we got an email from the bank which said they accepted our offer on the house but since then, nothing.  So we can't move forward with the inspection or appraisal until we get an actual signed contract.  My friend and the realtor both said this is common with bank-owned houses.  Ugh. I want to move in tomorrow!  
On a brighter note, hubby called his cousin who is an excellent shopper and home decorator and asked her where she buys furniture and appliances in the city and she said her son just short-saled his house and moved back in with her and he brought his fairly new appliances (washer, dryer, refrigerator) to store in her garage.  She then offered to sell us these appliances for $700 total and we immediately jumped on the offer.  She also threw in a newish table and chairs which she didn't want too.  Wow!  That serendipitous phone called saved us over $2000!!!


  1. Wow, you've been busy! I love the pictures. How cool that you got to meet the head of Zappos--I hear their work environment is really lively.

    Was it very hot during that hike? I've been to Vegas in the summer when it's like an oven, but I hear in the winter months it's much cooler. Is that the case for the spring as well?

  2. Hi Pamela--Tony was great, he talked about how Zappos is moving their operation to downtown Las Vegas and how, instead of building a campus, they are encouraging (and funding) development of businesses that would be useful to their employees in the area which is great--instead of building a campus that is exclusive this way they can include the community. Also, the hike was cool because we didn't do it until 6pm when the sun was going down behind the is becoming like an over here during the day!