Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I Was Soooo Tempted!

Thanks to a payment from Adsense that hit my bank account yesterday, I was able to go online to Amazon and order the cell phone I have been wanting for a while.  While the phone was not super expensive at only $79.99, I of course first Googled Amazon promotions and coupons to see if there were any other ways I could save money on this purchase (I tend to Google coupons for everything).  Unfortunately there weren't any but when I went to the check out page at Amazon a huge offer flashed above my purchase price.  Seems that if I applied for an Amazon Visa or Mastercard, I would get an additional $50(!!) off my purchase.  I was super tempted, and considered applying, and thought about what I could do with the extra $50 that I would save...but in the end I decided not to apply.  I have been doing great with no credit cards for more than two years.  Then I heard Dave Ramsey's anti credit card rant in my head.  Then I considered what would happen if I did get the credit card and later gave in to temptation to make other purchases with it.  Then I considered what I would do if I ended up with a sky high balance on it like I did with my credit cards in the past.  Then I decided that there was NO WAY I ever wanted even the possibility of having credit card debt again.  Then I paid the $79.99 for my purchase and logged out. Whew! Dodged. A. Bullet.

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  1. Good for you!!!! :) We are cc free as well, and it is freeing!!! Enjoy that phone!! :)