Monday, March 26, 2012

My Goals for This Week

While on Sundays you will find my "gratitude journal" for the week, I believe I will start listing my weekly goals for the week on Mondays so it will reinforce the things that I need/want to accomplish:

  • I need to pay my $50 tithe (I always tithe to Unity since I do not attend a local church) (Done)
  • I want to order this cell phone (it is 3g, which is better than my current phone, and unlocked so I can use it when I travel overseas) (Done)
  • My sister will be here at the end of the week so I need to bake/shop for food and think of ways to entertain them for a few days. (Done)
  • I need to order birth and death certificates for my mom, grandmother, and grandfather (my genealogy is getting off to a slow start because all of these certificates cost money!)
  • I need to get a "balikbayan box" put together for my step son in the Philippines.  This is a big box we send every few months with clothes, food, and other stuff which costs a grand total of $75 to ship which is cheap but this time he needs a TV sent because his TV was electrocuted in a lightening storm..yikes that's about $125 by itself!


  1. I'm getting reacquainted after being MIA from your blog and my other favs...

  2. Myra!!!!!! I haven't seen you around in AGES! Welcome back!