Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Today Was My Birthday And...


  • I did the zipline on Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas (this was one of my 30 goals for the month).
  • We ate our way--for free--around Las Vegas (see story below; this was also on my 30 goals list)
  • (Best news) Our realtor called and said that the bank had accepted the offer we made on house #14!!!
Overall it was a great birthday! (And there is still more to come for the rest of the week, my SIL is springing for a Vegas Show for us and an expensive dinner which, besides being nice birthday presents, are two more goals on the list!).

And now for the free food story...
I saw this website that lists a whole bunch of places where you can eat free on your birthday.  So I immediately began signing up for their birthday clubs, BUT I realized that I was signing up within 24 hours of my birthday so I think that my registration didn't fall into the queue to get birthday coupons from any of these companies.  Bummer.
Fortunately, at Firehouse Subs, all I had to do was show my license and they gave me a free sub.  Then I used some of the coupons I got from signing up for many of these offers (these weren't birthday coupons just thanks for signing up coupons) and we ate our way through Las Vegas, from breakfast to dinner, for free (or nearly free).  This is what we had:
  • One free Firehouse sub (hubby and I shared it and we were full after that, this was the first time we ate there and it was really good!).
  • Two free chicken soft tacos from Del Taco
  • Buy One, Get One Free Orange Julius
  • An IHOP Rootie Tootie Fresh and Frootie Breakfast (hubby and I shared this too; of course we tipped since this was a sit-down restaurant)
We still have a handful of coupons for a free a Arby's sandwich, a free Arby's milkshake, and a free piece of pie at Sharies that we were too full to use today.
Lesson learned: sign up for these offers way before your birthday so you will get your birthday coupons. Also, if someone is hungry and needs free food I would definitely tell them to start signing up for these because as soon as you do, you will get a bunch of free food coupons in your email and that is a very good way to keep from being hungry.


  1. Happy Birthday!! :) Hope you enjoyed your free food!! Yum!

  2. happy birthday to you. Sounds like you had a good one. I loved fremont street when we went to vegas.

    X x

  3. Happy Birthday! Did you get any free antacids?

  4. Sorry I missed your birthday yesterday but I'm jumping up and down with excitement that the bank accepted our offer on house #14!!!!! What a great gift!!!