Thursday, April 19, 2012

Crossing Off My 30 Goals in 30 Days List

I posted here about the 30 goals I wanted to complete in 30 days.  It really helped that I had a birthday a couple of days ago because two of the more expensive things on the list (a Vegas show and an expensive meal) were given to me as a gift by my wonderful sister in law.  Here's what's been accomplished so far:

  • I did the zipline on Fremont.  Hubby paid for this on my birthday and while we are usually very careful with how we spend our money (it was $15 for a 30 SECOND experience!), it was something I wanted to try and will be a one-time thing.
  • I got free stuff on my birthday.  This turned out so well, that I recommend everyone sign up for these freebie because, well, it's free food and free is a very good price.
  • We ate an expensive meal.  It may not sound expensive to most people but the fact that we (actually my sister in law since it was a gift) paid $26.50 per person for lunch is considered ridiculously expensive by us (our lunches out are usually $1 tacos or splitting a $5 footlong Subway sub).  When I first thought about going to an expensive restaurant I checked restaurants around Las Vegas and found that one restaurant offered a 16 course dinner for $425 per person (!!!).  I couldn't spend that much on one meal if someone handed me the money and insisted I go.  $425 is more than what we pay for groceries for both of us for a month, so there is expensive and there is ridiculous.  Then I did a bit more searching on Yelp and saw that Fogo de Chao got rave reviews so we decided to try it.  I called first and found out that the meal is exactly the same for both lunch and dinner, and then my frugal mind figured that it would be a waste to pay nearly $50 per person when the less expensive lunch option was half the price but exactly the same.  Needless to say, it was wonderful :)
Today we will watch a Vegas show (of course buying our tickets at the half price outlet TixForTonite) and tomorrow we plan to go to Hoover Dam (early in the morning as the temps are supposed to be nearly 100 by tomorrow afternoon :I  ).

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