Monday, April 2, 2012

My Goals for This Week

Last week I got three out of five of my goals accomplished. Let's see if I can do better this week...

  • I still need to order birth and death certificates for my mom and grandparents.
  • I still need to get the balikbayan box put together and sent to the Philippines. (started)
  • I need to repay the money for the computer back to our emergency fund.
  • I need to do seven challenges for the week (I started out yesterday with the best of intentions, even got up at 8am to get to a reddit meet up at 10am, but when I arrived I didn't find the group so I left. Bummer) (decided to do this challenge next month)
  • I need to get my tooth fixed (I have an appointment for Thursday) (done)
  • I need to make some money! (I would like to be able to pay for our UK flights this week)
  • I want to send the hubby's son in the Philippines $1000 for his house (I have been wanting to do this for ages but haven't had any extra money)
  • I want to start another box of donated books and school supplies for a school in the Philippines (the schools are on summer break right now so they won't need this box for a couple of months but I want to at least get it started)
  • I want to get two more of my websites switched over to WordPress. (never mind, WordPress makes me want to bang my head against the wall so I will keep my websites as they are)
  • I want to put $100 in savings this week.
Obviously some of these goals will require divine intervention as they are very expensive projects but hopefully by putting this out to the universe, I will at least be able to accomplish most of these goals this week!

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